Friday, January 14, 2011

A Week of New Things

This week at the Pafford house has proved to be full of changes and new things.

Sunday offered a very nice surprise with some snow.  I didn't exactly win best mom of the year on that day.  The snow was large fluffy flakes, but the ground was so warm that it didn't stick.  We expected snow all day.  I told Joseph that he needed to take a good nap and then we would go play in the snow.  About 30 minutes after he went to sleep the snow stopped and everything started to dry-up.  Joseph woke up from his nap expecting to play in the snow but when he woke up it not only wasn't snowing, but it was all gone!!  Joseph cried and was upset.  He wasn't mad at me for making him nap, but just mad that there was no snow.  

On Monday Kurt started his internship at a homeless shelter.  He's closing in on his last few months of school!  Unfortunately for us as a family, that means Kurt has to be away a lot!  He works his regular job 8-5 and then works at the shelter from 5-10.  Joseph misses having Kurt around in the evenings, but this has forced us to purposely plan family time during the weekend which is a habit we will probably keep.  Kurt even got to take Joseph to McDonald's for breakfast Friday morning.  Each time I'm wishing that Kurt was here in the evenings, I am reminded of the verse Ecclesiastes 3:1 - There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven.  This is just a small nugget of time in our lives.  This is where God has us now, so we need to enjoy it and learn what we can from it.

On Wednesday Joseph had Pajama Day at school.  He has wanted to wear pajamas to school for a long time so this was a big ordeal!  He left school on Tuesday asking me if he could put his pajamas on when he got home so he didn't have to change in the morning.  I rolled with it!  So when we got home, he changed in his pajamas and we had an omelet for dinner.  He loved his day in pajamas!

On Thursday I joined a new gym...Snap Fitness.  I decided that the fast past, busy atmosphere of 24-hr fitness was just not my thing.  I also think a change will be good since I've been just making monthly donations to the gym for the last 6 months or so!!  So I worked out Friday morning and it felt great!  I'm praying that I stay motivated.

One last change in our household:  We dropped our cable bill!!!  We've really tried to cut back and buckle down.  We decided to cut the cable.  Joseph wasn't too upset to lose all his disney and nickjr shows.  We swapped our $90 cable bill (by the time you added all our extras) for $18 Netflix and Hulu-plus.  As I type, I'm watching plain-jane TV.   Did you know that TV with just an antenna has Qubo and Ion.  Two cool channels I didn't know were free! 

Well that's all from the Pafford home.  One day I'll learn how to easily add my pictures.

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  1. Poor Joseph and the snow ordeal. Ya'll should have come out to our house we still had patches the next day!
    Way to go on cutting out cable. It's nice to save some dough. :)