Thursday, January 6, 2011

What does _________ mean? - a conversation with my little man

On the way home from school today...

Joseph:  Why are we stopped at the red light so long?
Mommy: I'm not sure, but it looks like there's an accident over there.
Joseph:  Oh, okay.  What does 'not sure' mean?
Mommy: It means, I might know, but I'm not for sure.
Joseph:  Why won't the light turn green?
Mommy:  Remember Joseph, I said I think there's an accident there where the lights are flashing.
Joseph:  What does 'flashing' mean?
Mommy: Flashing is when a light goes on and off really quickly.
Joseph: Okay.  So if a police car's lights are flashing, then we might go to jail.
Mommy:  No, Joseph, not necessarily.  I don't think we'll ever go to jail.
Joseph:  What does 'not ness-ary' mean?
Mommy:  <as I 1/2 listen to questioning at this point> Oh, Joseph, I don't know.
Joseph: You don't know what you just said?
Mommy: <as I now realize, I should be paying more attention> Sorry Joseph, 'not necessarily' means that it might not always be true or might not always happen.
Joseph:  Is that like a lie?
Mommy:........<silently beating my head against the steering wheel asking myself why I can't just talk in 3 or 4 letter 'little kid' words>....this was the conversation for the 15 minute ride home from thankful it wasn't a 30 minute ride!!!

I love my curious Joseph, but some words are really hard to explain!!!  Joseph's poor Kindergarten teacher next year!!!! :-)


  1. That is soo cute...only because it wasn't me and Micah having the conversation. My problem is the dreaded "why?" after everything I say. UGH! I love and hate this age all at the same time. :)

  2. You always manage to make me smile. I wish I could be there to see Joseph grow up.

    I can see you beating your head against the steering wheel with that Jodi smile I love.