Saturday, January 8, 2011

Pafford Family Day/Movie Night

We spend the morning clearing out Joseph's closet of boxes of too small Joseph clothes from birth till now. In the midst of that, we compiled a car load of things to bring to good will that were not clothes. We also came across the 'missing' (until he got older) tub of army men. Well, Joseph is older and he got a kick out of playing with them today!! I love to watch him play!

Late afternoon we went to the park where we let Joseph ride in cirlce after cirlce after circle on his power wheels motorcycle. Go Joseph, Go!

My attempt for a first ever Pafford Movie Night Homemade! Or so I thought. I realized my last rolling pin gave in a long time ago and I never bought a new one...that created a problem for rolling out the dough. At that point I wasn't sure it would even work right, so we turned the unure pizza dough into cheesy bread and off to Wal-Mart i went.

The end result was not bad at all!! The cheesy bread was decent and the Chicken, Bacon, Ranch Pizza from Wal-Mart wasn't bad either!! Yumm-O

Oh, the movie we watched was G-Force. Joseph bought it for Kurt for Christmas. It was alright. We laughed a lot!! Fun, cherishable family time!!
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