Friday, February 4, 2011

Reminders of God's Protection

I've had a somewhat personal experience in the last week or so.  I've not posted on facebook because I didn't want the world to know, so I thought I'd post here for those that are reading my blog.

Here it goes...
About 2 weeks ago I found a lump in one of my breasts.  I immediately scheduled an appointment with my doctor to get it checked out.  With some family history I knew this was nothing to guess about on my own. My appointment was scheduled for Tuesday morning, but was canceled due to the weather.  Luckily, I had one of the first appointments, so I got first dibs on rescheduling.  I got it scheduled for Thursday morning.

Luckily even though the weather was still icy and cold, I made it to my appointment and the office was open.  We switched doctor's at the New Year so this was my first visit to this doctor.  She proved to be wonderful.  She spent a good 20+ minutes with  me discussing lots of health issues.  She thought that my lump was probably a cyst which, as she said was 'not scary'.  She sent me to schedule an ultrasound of the area to confirm her thoughts.  I called Tuesday afternoon to schedule and to my surprise there was an appointment available at 8:00 Friday morning!!

So this morning, despite the 4+ inches of snow, I called the office and it was open.  I made the slow trek to the office to have the ultrasound.  As the nurse was doing the ultrasound, I could see the spot on the screen as it looked very different from the rest.  Thankfully, as soon as she was done she told me the radiologist would be in to discuss what was seen.  PRAISE THE is indeed a cyst.  Nothing to be concerned about.  Because of the family history and the cyst, I will have my first mammogram at age 35 instead of 40, but I'll take it!!

Praise the Lord for his protection!!

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  1. Wow how scary! Wish you would have told me so I could be praying for you! Thank God that it was nothing to be worried about. I am so glad you were able to get in to see the dr so quickly.